Ecomaid Plus the
attractive and necessary addition to
your washroom giving improved
service efficiency.

  • A clean, safe and hygienic method of sanitary disposal
  • The Ecomaid Plus is lined so no waste touches the inner sides
  • Designed for discreet washroom service
  • Fresh – Effective germicide is used to neutralise and deodorise the contents
  • The design maximises its capacity and security v Slimline fitting for the smallest cubicles
  • Two piece construction
  • Meets Duty of Care requirements
  • Cost effective
  • Enhances the washroom environment
  • Can be supplied as part of your complete washroom package


The newly designed sloping lid provides a more pleasing appearance with ease of servicing


Designed to ensure an even dispersion maximising the units storage capacity The well proven design of the chute allows the waste to drop cleanly and discretely into the bin


The smooth surface of the Ecomaid Plus are easy to clean and keep hygenic Made from robust material that retains its shape and colour.


Width: 150mm

Height: 520mm

Depth: 385mm

Colour: Two tone grey